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Open for Business by APPOINTMENT only

🔊Soooooo..... heard the good news?🔊

📞Please call salon you require for an appointment

🐾NEWTOWNABBEY - 02890861127

🐾BALLYSILLAN - 07462933390

🐾DUNMURRY - 07972246687

🐾CARRICKFERGUS - 07752813100

🎉We are OPENING to the public!!!

Passed by Council, DEFRA & Trading Standards....

There are some new safety rules to follow until we are in the clear 😷 🦠 ⚠️

‼Remember‼ - Please only book appointment if you are well. If you or any of your family members are unwell, you MUST stay at home!!!

🐾 As some of you are aware, l have already starting contacting customers in the order that they were cancelled. I will continue to work through the list but please feel free to contact me if you have not heard back from me at the moment


🐾 Please arrive on time, as always.

🐾 One person at a time in reception removing all collars, leads or harnesses. These are to be taken away with you.

🐾 Place your pooch over the puppy gate.

🐾 I will be waiting 2 metres back ready to take your pooch.

🐾 All necessary PPE with be worn

🐾 There will be an opportunity for a brief chat regarding groom requirements and completion time


🐾 I will endeavour to groom in their usual style unless it has not been possible to maintain their coat 100%. If there are mats that l consider too painful to brush out, then l will have no choice but to take the coat shorter or charge more for removal.

‼Remember‼- it will grow back 😊If you have any worries or concerns regarding this please call me before your appointment.


🐾 you will be given a collection time on drop off.

🐾 When you arrive please make sure the FRONT ENTRANCE IS CLOSED BEHIND YOU... keep distance in reception & I will let your pooch out to you.

🐾 Don’t forget to bring your own lead, collar or harness

🐾 please put the correct cash amount in the box provided as l will not be able to give change.

🐾 If you normally make your next appointment on collection this will have to be done via message later that night once I have finished working.

We cannot wait to see you all again soon......

Nicole 🐾

🐶 ✂️ 🛁 🐶 ✂️ 🛁 🐶 ✂️ 🛁 🐶 ✂️ 🛁 🐶

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