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🦠Coronavirus update🦠

⚫️WE WILL CONTINUE BUSINESS AS NORMAL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE⚫️ 🐾We would like to THANK YOU for your continued support and We kindly ask you to excerise caution and follow government guidelines before coming to our salon, this will ensure staff & customers are protected best we can. ⛔️If you are or anyone in your household are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough etc) please refrain from visiting our salon. 🐾Please respect that if their is someone in reception just wait outside - we are trying to minimise people in reception. 🐾Please come on your time you have been given for appointments and pick ups as we are trying to stagger times again to stop people gathering in reception. 🐾The salon will have hand sanitiser and sanitarser wipes in reception which we urge you to use before and after making payment and during drop off to prevent the spread of the virus. 🐾You will notice More is being done to prevent catching the virus- We will be disinfectanting before and after EVERY GROOM And after customers leave the salon 🐾If in doubt about anything contact us: 02890861127 (Newtownabbey + Training salon) 07972246687 (Dunmurry) 07752813100 (Carrickfergus) 07462933390 (Ballysillan) Many thanks for your understanding Team Barkin Beauties 🦴🐾

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